Discord Permissions

Chronicle Bot strives to use the minimum required Discord permissions possible on your server. To accomplish this we only check for the specific permissions needed based on the features you have enabled.

Saving Notifier Permission Issues

When saving an event notifier you may see an error message, similar to the example below, which lists one or more permissions Chronicle Bot is missing. This can occur for two reasons.

Permissions Error Example
Permissions Error Example

Accepted Bot Permissions

The first place that a permissions issue can occur is when the bot is first added to the Discord server. Ensure that when presented with the bot Permissions list that all of the requested permissions are checked.

Channel Overwrites

Even when a bot is granted the requested permissions to a Discord server, those permissions can be overwritten by setting Advanced permissions on a specific channel.

In the example below you can see an Advanced permission was applied to this channel to remove the Send Messages permission from @everyone which includes Chronicle Bot.

Channel Advanced Permissions Overwrite

To correct for this, another Advanced permission must be added to explicitly grant those permissions to the bot which have been revoked.

Private Text Channels

When creating a notifier to send reminders or summaries to a private channel, you must first invite Chronicle Bot to that channel.

Private Voice Channels

When using the Discord event sync feature to create Voice Channel events Chronicle Bot must have access to the event's voice channel. Without proper access, syncing of the Discord event will fail. When this occurs you will be notified with a private DM specifying which voice channel caused the issue.

This most often occurs when creating a private voice channel. In this case explicit permissions should be provided to Chronicle Bot as shown below.

Private Voice Channel Permissions

Stage Events

When syncing a Discord Event associated with a Stage, you must first add Chronicle Bot as a moderator for that Stage. If the bot's role has not been added as a moderator for the Stage channel you will receive an Insufficient Permissions error.

Inviting Chronicle Bot