Event Notifiers

Event Summaries

Event summaries can be added to a notifier and will, on a scheduled basis, post a summary of upcoming events. This is useful as a daily summary in the morning to remind members what is happening today, or as a weekly summary so your members can plan ahead.

Scheduling a Summary

To schedule an Event Summary, switch to the "Summaries" tab. Click "Add a Summary" and fill in the following fields:

Scheduling an Event Summary

New event summary messages are sent on either a "Daily" or "Weekly" schedule or updated on a "Rolling" basis. For scheduled summaries, updates will happen in the time between scheduled updates. When "Rolling" is selected the same message will be continuously edited as time progresses.

Day of Week

Only required on a "Weekly" frequency, this is the only day of the week on which a new message will be sent.

Time of Day

Required for both frequencies, this is the time of day a new message will be sent.

Summarize Days

How many days ahead to look for events when creating the event summary. This value must be greater than 1 and less than or equal to 30.

Summary Messages

Below you can find an example of an Event Summary message. Events are broken down into their days, sorted by the start time of the event. The colored square on the left correlates to the color of your calendar within Google Calendar.

The times on the right show the event start and end times automatically updated to each user's timezone.

The event title is a clickable link to the "Location" of the event if that entry is a valid URL.

Discord Chronicle Bot Daily Event Summary Example Message
Daily Event Summary Example

Updates and Cleanup

When a new event summary message is sent to your Discord channel, the previous summary messages will be removed first.

Between scheduled summaries, any updates or additions to events in your calendar will cause the last summary to update in real-time.

Scheduled Reminders