Getting Started

Learn how to get Chronicle Bot set up in your Discord Server quickly.

Quick Start

To get up and running quickly with Chronicle Bot you need to complete these three steps:

1. Invite Chronicle Bot

Invite the bot to your Discord Server and accept all of the default permissions. We have worked hard to keep the required permissions to a minimum.

2. Connect a Google Account

To connect a Google Account, login to the web dashboard, and the wizard will walk you through connecting your first Google Account. Don't worry, the bot won't do anything with these events until you specify which calendars you wish to use.

3. Create an Event Notifier

Creating an Event Notifier allows you to select exactly which calendar you wish to connect and to which Discord Server. In the Event Notifier you can also select which functions you would like the bot to perform such as:

Check out the full Event Notifier Documentation for details on all the features and options available.

Getting Help

The documentation here attempts to answer most questions, but if you run into something that isn't covered please reach out. We're always happy to help.

Join the Discord Support Server

Have something you need to ask or a suggestion you want to discuss? Join our Discord Support Server and let us know in one of our #chronicle channels.