Getting Started

Learn how to get Chronicle Bot set up in your Discord Server quickly.

Chronicle Bot has two primary features, Event Notifiers and Event Feeds.

Event Notifiers connect your external calendar into Discord. They can create native Discord Events, send event notifications, schedule reminders, and generate event summaries.

Event Feeds connect your Discord Events to an external calendar. They watch for Discord Event additions, updates, and cancellations and send that information to your externally connected calendar.

Event Notifiers and Event Feeds can be used together to create a 2-way sync between Discord and your external calendar.

Bring events into Discord

Create a Notifier to push events into Discord from an external calendar.

Send events out of Discord

Create an Event Feed to pull events out of Discord to an external calendar.

Getting Help

The documentation here attempts to answer most questions, but if you run into something that needs to be covered, please let us know. We're always happy to help.

Join the Discord Support Server

Do you have a question or suggestion to discuss? Join our Discord Support Server and let us know in one of our #chronicle channels.