Google Calendar

Connecting a Google Account

In order to pull Google Calendar events into Discord channels, you must first give Chronicle Bot access to those calendars.

Adding a Google Account

When connecting a Google Account you will be presented with a popup from Google like the one shown below.

Required Permissions

To link your account the two checkboxes must be selected before you click the "Continue" button. If this is not completed Chronicle Bot will not work.

Google Account Calendar Permissions

What are these permissions?

The first three permissions are the default Google OAuth permissions for connecting to an account.

The permission "View events on all your calendars" is needed so Chronicle Bot can display a list of your Google Calendars to select from when creating an event notifier.

The permission "See and download any calendar..." is required for Chronicle Bot to read the events within a selected Google Calendar. This also allows Chronicle Bot to subscribe to events on the selected calendar to provide real-time event updates into your Discord channels.

Read Only Permissions

All of these permissions are read-only. Chronicle Bot cannot create, modify, or delete any calendars or events within Google Calendar.

Create a New Calendar

Creating a new calendar (or more than one) within Google Calendar is optional, but highly recommended. This allows you to keep your personal events separate from those sent to Discord. If you plan on having several Discord channels with different event feeds, this will be a needed step.

Add new calendar to Google Calendar
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