Event Notifiers

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings let you further customize your event notifier to your needs. For most users, the default settings will work well.

The Event Link setting customizes where the reminder and summary title links point to. By default, this is set to Automatic which will search for the first valid link from the following options, in this order.

If you wish for one of these options to always be used, changing the Event Link setting will instruct Chronicle Bot to use that link type without searching for an alternative.

Event Location Field

This is the manually entered Location field within your external calendar event. If this Location is a valid URL it will be used.

Google Meet

The Google Meet link if a meeting has been added to the event with the "Add Google Meet video conferencing" button.

Discord Event

A link to the Discord Event if this event has been synced to the server. This only works if the Discord Sync has been turned on and if the event is within the sync time frame.

Calendar Event

The link to the external calendar event. For Google Calendar this is equivalent to the Publish link provided by Google.

Forum Post

The link to a Discord Forum Post. This option only works if this Notifier is also creating Forum Post notificiation and reminder messages.

Event Link Setting
Event Link Setting


Event Notifiers can be configured to use a specific language when communicating in your Discord channel. Chronicle Bot will use the selected locale for all event reminders, event summaries, and status messages.

Channel Messages Only

This does not translate your event title, description, etc. that are pulled from your external calendar, but rather the headings and messages generated by the bot itself.

Example of German Locale Messages

Chronicle Bot currently supports the following locales:

  • American English (default)
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • Czech
  • Polish

Adding New Languages

If you would like to help submit another language for inclusion, please take a look at our public localization repository for instructions on how to submit a new messages file or reach out on our Discord support server.

Notifier Front Matter

Adding front matter to events is useful if you want to customize each of your events, but if you want to apply a customization to all of your events you can add that front matter key to your Notifier Front Matter.

Notifier Front Matter is applied to all events found by that notifier but can be overridden by adding a specific front matter key to an individual event.

Notifier Front Matter
Notifier Front Matter
Event Summaries