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Manage Discord Events from Google Calendar

Sync events, schedule reminders, generate event summaries, and keep everything up-to-date in real-time.

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Discord Event Notification Message Example

Create Discord Events in Google Calendar

Use the Google Calendar interface that you are familiar with when scheduling your events. No need to manage each event individually or make edits in multiple places.

  • Details, links, and formatting in the event description display in Discord

  • Google Calendar‘s scheduling tools make it simple to schedule recurring events

  • Create and connect multiple Google Calendars if you have a lot of events to organize

  • Everything stays in sync — make changes in Google Calendar and receive updates in Discord

Google Calendar Event Example to Discord

Automatically Sync Discord Events

With Discord Event Sync, Google Calendar events are transformed into Discord events. That means no more copying and pasting! Everything is up to date and in one location.

  • Modify or cancel events in Google Calendar and have them applied to your Discord event right away

  • Customize your event by adding an image or a Discord voice channel, without leaving Google Calendar

Discord Event Sync Example

Generated Event Summaries

Keep members informed on which events are coming up with Event Summaries.

  • New event summaries can be sent daily or weekly, and updated in real-time as you make changes

  • Color coded event emojis based on your Google Calendar or customized event

  • Summary event titles are links so your members know right where to go

  • Event times are auto-updated for each of your server members based on their location

Discord Event Summary Example

Scheduled Event Reminders

Add an event to your Google Calendar and it will automatically send reminders to your Discord server. This way, you can minimize the number of no-shows and make sure that everyone is aware of your events.

  • Add reminder times to Chronicle Bot to have them apply to all of your events

  • Notification times added to single events in Google Calendar can trigger customized reminders in Discord

  • Event times are converted automatically for each server member, no more time zone confusion

New Discord Event Scheduled Message Example