Event Notifiers

Event Front Matter

Front matter is a section of text which can be added to the beginning, or the very end, of an event's description to make the bot behave in special ways. This lets you customize how a single event is handled from within your external calendar.

Advanced Feature

Front matter is an advanced feature and may not be a good fit for all users. Entering invalid front matter in your event may cause problems in your event processing.

Front Matter Basic Format

Front matter is formatted like the example below. The first and last lines contain only three plus symbols to indicate that the special options are contained in the section between. Within the front matter section, one or more keys can be specified.


Your normal event description goes here...

Discord Event Cover Image

When using the Discord Event Sync feature you can specify the URL of an image to be used as the event cover. This image URL must be:

  • accessible by the bot via a public URL
  • a png or jpg image
  • less than 4 megabytes in size

To add a cover image use the front matter key cover as shown in the example below.


Reminder and Notification Images

Event reminders and notifications can be customized by adding images defined in your event front matter. Two possible images can be set, a thumbnail and the embed image, as can be seen in the example below.

Discord Embed Message Image Examples
Embed Image Examples

Thumbnail Image

A thumbnail is the upper right image, useful for a small logo, and can be assigned with the thumbnail key with the value set to a valid image URL.


Embed Image

An embed image is a large image embedded in the bottom of your event messages. This can be assigned with the embed_image key with the value set to a valid image URL.



An event's location can be defined using the location front matter. For Google Calendar users this isn't very useful, as the location field already serves this purpose, but for other external calendar types, this is the only way to define the event location.

This field does not need to be a valid URL, but if it is the link will be clickable by your Discord server members in event reminders and summaries.


Discord Event Location

A Discord Event's location can be overridden by using the event_location front matter key. This only affects the location used in the Discord Event Sync process and is useful for assigning a Discord event to a Voice Channel or Stage, while maintaining a separate location for reminders and summaries.

If you wish to make your Discord Events private to a specific server role (while maintaining a separate location), this is the front matter key you should probably reach for.

event_location="Location description, URL, or VC:123456789012345678"

Mentions Premium Feature

Role mentions for notification and reminder messages can be assigned per event using the mention front matter. Multiple role IDs can be specified separated by commas as shown in the example below. To include @everyone or @here you can enter those directly.

mention="987654321098765432, 987654321098765431, @everyone"

An easy way to determine the ID of a role is to type the command \@RoleName on your server with RoleName being replaced with your desired role. This will return a message like <@&987654321098765432> which contains your role's ID number.

Individual events can have their summary and reminder links customized using the summary_link and reminder_link front matter keys. Providing a valid http or https URL will override all other Event Link settings and explicitly use the event-specific link provided.



Events can be tagged by adding a front matter tags key with a comma-separated list of tags. At this time, tags can only be used in Event Filters.

tags="tag1, tag2"

Location From Description

Beta Feature

The Location From Description feature is a recent addition and may change in the future. If you experience any problems, please let us know.

When bringing in Calendar events you have many options for setting (or overriding) an event's location, but only assuming that you have access to edit event fields, add front matter, or even know what the URL is going to be. If none of the location options provided elsewhere in this documentation work for your situation, but your event description does contain a link you would like to use, this is the front matter key for you.

When specifying this front matter key the bot will begin scanning your event description looking for a valid URL (it must start with http:// or https://) and will assign that URL to your event's location.

The value for location_from_description is the index of the link to use if your description contains more than one (i.e. "2" will use the second valid URL found, and "5" will use the fifth valid URL found). You can also specify the value of "-1" to use the last valid URL found in your description.

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