Event Feeds

Creating an Event Feed

Event Feeds are created within Chronicle Bot to link Discord Servers to Google Calendars. As events are created, updated, and cancelled in Discord those changes will sync to your external calendar in real-time.

Connecting Calendars

One or more calendars may be selected to which Chronicle Bot will push events.

To add a new calendar connection, locate the Calendar Connection section. On the right, you can select the green "Connect a Calendar" button which will open the calendar selection pop-up. From here you can pick your calendar type.

Connecting a Discord Server and Calendar

If you wish to connect additional calendars click the green "Add" button and repeat the steps.

Google Calendar

When picking the Google Calendar connection type you will have the option of selecting a Google Account and a calendar, or to link a new Google Account.

Once a Google Account is selected, a new dropdown will appear from which you can select your desired calendar. It might be a good idea to make a new calendar just for the events you want to be sent from Discord.

Selecting the Discord Server

Next, on the left side of the screen select the Discord server from the dropdown box. If your server is not listed make sure the bot has been added and you have the Manage Server permission.

Each Event Feed can have only one Discord server selected. This is the server which Chronicle Bot will retrieve events from.

Naming an Event Feed

When creating an Event Feed, you can optionally enter a name to identify it. For those users who have a large number of Event Feeds, this can help with organization and identification.

Event Front Matter