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Summary of Recent Updates

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    Brint E. Kriebel

End of April Updates

We hope everyone has been having a great month. As we head into the last weekend in April, we wanted to provide a quick update on some things you may not have noticed get added to ChronicleBot. These range from some simple quality-of-life updates, to new ways of purchasing, to a sneak peak of our next major feature coming in the next few weeks.

Duplicate Your Notifiers & Templates

An oft-requested feature, especially from our Premium users, has been a way to duplicate notifiers so custom settings can easily be copied over to another Discord server or channel. This can now be accomplished with the fancy new “Duplicate” button that can be found by editing any existing notifier. Though a Premium license is still needed to create multiple notifiers on a single server, anyone can use this button to duplicate a notifier onto another server or duplicate a disabled notifier for testing out new changes.

Also, if you’re a user of a Custom Message Templates, you’ll find a new Duplicate button when editing a Template; this lets you easily create multiple custom templates with minor differences.

Start Your Events Early

When using our Discord Event Sync feature on Stage or Voice Channel events, you may already be using our Auto Start and Stop Events setting. We now have a new setting that lets you configure an offset to start your events a little earlier than the scheduled time. You can continue to have the “real” start time listed on your Calendar, Notifier, Summary, and Events pages, but let ChronicleBot open up the voice channel or stage ahead of time so users aren’t kept waiting until the last minute for an event to start.

Purchase Premium Access through Discord

Most of you may already know that you can pick up Premium Licenses for ChronicleBot by going to our Premium Management Page. However, we also know that some folks may prefer to use Discord’s built-in purchasing options to upgrade a bot to Premium on your server. This is now available for ChronicleBot right through the Discord App Directory for the same great set of features. However, if you’re purchasing licenses for more than one server, we do still recommend going to our Premium page for a nice multi-server discount.

Sneak Peak: Event Feeds (AKA: Two-Way Event-Sync)

Since adding our Event Sync feature, we’ve been asked if it’s possible to manage events in the other direction; creating & editing them in Discord and having the changes reflected on Google Calendar. Very soon, this will become a reality with our upcoming Event Feeds feature!

We designed this from the ground up to be as flexible as possible. You can create Event Feeds from Discord to Google as a standalone option or combine them with a Notifier to get two-way syncing between Google Calendar and Discord Events. The initial version of this change is ready; we’re just waiting for approval for the extended Google Calendar permissions needed to make changes to a calendar. (Don’t worry, if you’re not planning to use Event Feeds, you’ll still be able to use Notifiers with read-only access to your calendar.)

For a sneak preview of this in action, check out the Dev Preview Short that Gordon shared recently.

We hope you enjoy these updates and as always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to us on Discord, Mastodon, or Twitter.