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Calendar Event Filters Added

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    Gordon Smith

If you have a calendar with more events than you want in Discord, then today is your lucky day.

Chronicle Bot now supports calendar Event Filters, allowing you to include or remove events from being processed based on their titles. This feature can also help split events from the same calendar into different Discord channels.

Creating an Event Filter

You can find event filters in a dropdown just below the Calendar Connections of your Notifier. When adding a filter, you can select to Include or Remove events whose titles contain the Search Term you specify. When adding more than one filter, you also can select how the filters are combined.

A quick example can be found below, but for full details please check the Event Filter docs.

Event Filters UI Addition

What gets filtered in Discord

Everything that Chronicle Bot currently supports will be filtered on the next update of an event. This includes Discord event syncing, event summaries, and reminder messages to your Discord channel.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and as always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to us on Discord, Mastodon, or Twitter.