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Discord Announcement Channel Updates and Auto Publish

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    Gordon Smith

Today we have two updates for you, both affecting Discord announcement channels.

Announcement Channel Message Updates

Discord has a pretty low limit on the number of announcement messages you can Publish (or edits to Published messages) per hour. This makes sense as they want to prevent messages flooding out to those following an announcement channel. Unfortunately, if you make a bunch of calendar edits, Chronicle Bot updates to summary and reminder messages can eat through those ten updates per hour in a hurry.

We've just finished adding a new message processor to the bot to handle this situation. When we detect an update to a published message, those updates are now queued to be applied later. This allows multiple updates in a short time span to be collapsed into one and prevents other updates (to non-published messages) from backing up.

This should be mostly transparent, but you might notice a delay until the message edits are applied.

Auto Publish Feature

You can now have Chronicle Bot automatically publish your announcement channel event reminders and summary messages. This new toggle appears under your Discord channel selection if you pick an announcement channel.

Discord Announcement Auto Publish Feature

Auto Publish uses the new queuing system (discussed above), which means your publish might be delayed but will play nicely with Discord's rate limits and retry appropriately.

We hope you enjoy these updates and as always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to us on Discord, Mastodon, or Twitter.