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Customizable Reminder Templates

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    Gordon Smith

This month, we're celebrating the one-year anniversary of Chronicle Bot with a big new feature to make your Google Calendar event reminders in Discord fully customizable.

Event Reminder Templates

Chronicle Bot has a brand new template system which lets you configure every part of the Discord message used for reminders. You can use any of the data available from your calendar events to customize your message with your own flair.

A screenshot showing template for a formatted Discord message with default settings
Default Reminder Message Template

Once a template has been created it can be used on one or more event notifiers. Just edit a notifier and you should see a new "Reminder Template" dropdown available for premium licensed servers.

A screenshot showing an Event Reminder configuration with the new Reminder Template option
Selecting a Reminder Template for an Event Notifier

The Template Editor

To make designing your reminder messages easier, we've built an editor that shows you a visual representation of what the message will look like. Simply click on different sections to edit and add items as needed.

Data Fields and Autocomplete

When adding data from your events, you can use our predefined data fields. The templating system recognizes these values between double curly braces and replaces them with your desired data. For example, if you want your event's title to appear in a field you would type:


To make this easier, we've included an autocomplete system which lists all available data fields that you can select from. Just type a period (or curly braces) and a dropdown will appear with the available options.

Adding Message Fields

Nee more space in your message? The editor allows you to create up to nine fields, with a max of three per line, each with a title and body section you can fill in. In the example below you can see we create one row with two fields, and a second row with the event's end time.

Modifying Clickable Links

Several fields in a formatted Discord message can also be clickable links. For those, we've included a link button which will let you specify a URL or one of the event data fields. As long as it is a valid URL, Discord will make it a clickable link.

Beta Limitations

This is an early beta release of the template system and as such it may still have bugs we need to iron out. Additional features are already planned, but we hope you enjoy this initial version and can provide feedback on how it can be improved.

If you already have a premium license on your server, please give it a try and let us know what you think. If you're not yet a subscriber, sign up today to try out this and all of the other premium options in Chronicle Bot!

We hope you enjoy our new reminder templates and as always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to us on Discord, Mastodon, or Twitter.