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Summary of Recent Updates

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    Gordon Smith

We've been hard at work with many minor updates and additions to Chronicle Bot over the last few months, but without much in the way of updates posted here. That means it is time for another update summary so you can find out about all of these changes in one place.

Better Unicode Character Support

Discord has character limits on how long specific fields can be, and we also apply some of our own to make your event summary layout line up a little better. This means that sometimes your event titles may be truncated to fit, but we should have handled non-latin characters better.

This bug has now been fixed by Brint (@bekit), as he put a lot of work and testing into ensuring this is done properly from now on.

Continuously Updating Summaries

Event Summaries have always been scheduled to send new messages at specific times (with in-place edits in-between new messages). If you would rather have one summary message continuously edited, our new Rolling Update Summary does just that. This update method is ideal if you have a channel devoted to your event summary messages (maybe even an announcement channel) and don't want the regular pings from new messages.

Pinned Summaries

While we are on the topic of Summaries, we have also implemented pinned summary messages. Turning this option on will pin your latest event summary messages in your Discord channel and unpin previous summaries.

Improved Existing Event Detection for Sync

Our Discord event sync system has undergone a significant revamp to detect existing Discord events better, especially those manually deleted or ended early. The bot will now be able to re-create Discord events that were accidentally deleted but still exist in your Google Calendar.

Expanded Front Matter

Front matter was added to customize your events further from within Google Calendar. Over the last few months, several user requests have come in to expand the number of front matter features, which led to the following additions.

  • Event Location: For those using an external calendar, it is helpful to have the ability to set the event location event when you can't edit the original event.

  • Location from Description: Enabling this front matter key makes the bot scan your event description for a URL to use as your event location. When using an external calendar (such as an iCal), this can detect a URL to be used in your event reminder and summary Discord messages.

Detailed Summary VC Links Expanded

One of the additions to our Detailed Summary message style was a field for the event's location (if it doesn't match the URL used for the title). Unfortunately, we found a minor bug if this location was a Voice Channel which caused the location to show as the channel's ID instead of a VC link. This has now been fixed.

Layout Changes

The edit Event Notifier page on the web dashboard has been updated to move the Discord Event Sync section under a tab along with "Reminders" and "Summaries." We did this to eliminate the confusion it was causing new users and to provide additional room for the upcoming 2-way calendar sync feature we are building.

Localization Updates

As always, thank you to all of the users who have submitted translations allowing Chronicle Bot to send Discord messages in various languages. With these updates, we now support Japanese and Hungarian.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in helping add your language to this list. We would love the assistance.

We hope you enjoy these updates and as always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to us on Discord, Mastodon, or Twitter.