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Summary of Recent Updates

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    Gordon Smith

We've been making a lot of minor updates and fixes lately but haven't had a chance to write everything up. Here is a quick summary of what has changed in the last four weeks.

Notifiers Can Be Named

When editing a notifier, there is a new field at the top of the page where you can add a custom name. While a simple update, it was annoying for those managing multiple notifiers.

Discord Event Sync Checks For Duplicates

Before syncing events to Discord, Chronicle Bot now checks for an existing event with the same name and times. This helps reduce duplicates if you add an event to Discord and then copy it over to Google.

Custom Emojis For All 24 Google Calendar Colors

In event summaries, we add a square color emoji to each event that matches the color of the Google Calendar. The built-in Discord emojis didn't have enough colors, so we made custom emojis for all base Google Calendar colors.

New Discord Emojis for Google Calendar Colors
New Discord Emojis for Google Calendar Colors

Reminder Ghost Mentions Fixed

Event reminders previously sent a mention separate from the actual reminder due to some Discord limitations on embed message types. Thanks to a helpful user, we now have a better implementation that attaches the mention to the embed correctly.

Premium: Discord Event Sync Supports 365 Days

Discord event syncing was initially limited to 30 days but has now increased to 365 days. Please remember that Discord only allows 100 events, so you may not see all your Google Calendar events in Discord if you have a lot.

Better Handling of Zero-Minute Events (2 Items)

First, reminders and event summaries produce cleaner messages for zero-minute events (where the start and end times match). In event summaries, the end time is omitted, and the "Duration" field is removed for reminders.

New Discord Emojis for Google Calendar Colors
Sample of a Zero Minute Event

The second change was to Discord event syncing of zero-minute events. Discord doesn't allow events with an end time equal to the start time. To work around this limitation, Chronicle Bot automatically sets the end time in Discord to be 5 minutes after the start time.

New Event Summary Option: Today Only

You can now set the "Days" option to zero when creating an event summary. This includes only events from the current calendar day.

We hope you enjoy these new updates and as always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to us on Discord, Mastodon, or Twitter.