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Multiple Calendar Support Added

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    Gordon Smith

We've just released an update that adds support for multiple Google Calendars. This means that you can now add multiple calendars to your event notifiers, giving you greater flexibility and control over your events. Multiple calendars, like multiple notifiers, falls under our premium subscription.

How to Set Up Multiple Calendars

Create or edit an event notifier and you will notice the very top section has been updated. On the left is now a new "Calendars" section with a button to "Connect a Calendar". This can be used multiple times to connect several Google Calendars to your Discord channel.

If you want to remove a Google Calendar from an event notifier, just click on the red "X" next to the calendar's name.

When an event is created on any of the Google Calendars you have connected, it will be posted in your Discord channel.

Why Support Multiple Calendars?

While it may seem unrelated, the number one requested feature is event summaries.

The problem is, how do you generate a summary when you have multiple notifiers (using different calendars) sending messages to the same channel? If we add summaries into the existing notifiers, numerous "summary" messages will be sent, defeating the entire purpose.

The most straightforward answer is to collapse those multiple notifiers into one by adding support for multiple calendars, as this update has done.

This update paves the way for our upcoming event summaries feature, which will give you a summary of all the events happening in your Discord channel. Stay tuned for more information on that soon!

What Does This Mean For You?

Nothing changes if you currently have a single notifier for your server.

However, if you have multiple notifiers sending to the same channel, you might want to combine them into one. While this isn't essential right now, it will help you prepare for future improvements.

Next up:
Now that multiple calendars support has been added, we are hard at work adding daily and weekly event summary messages.