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Localization of Channel Messages

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    Gordon Smith

Today we are pushing out the first phase of localization for Chronicle Bot. Over the last few months we've seen a significant increase in the number of server installs from non-English speaking countries and user requests for a multilingual bot.

What does this do

The first phase of our localization effort is an update of all the bot's messages which appear in your Discord server. Event reminders, event summaries, and status update messages are all localized for American English (the default), German, French, and Spanish. This does not include the web dashboard which will be completed as a separate phase.

Please understand that I am terrible when it comes to spoken languages as this has always been a struggle for me. I've done my best creating the initial translations, but there are certainly mistakes or better ways to phrase some things.

Please, please reach out if you have any concerns or suggestions on how to make these translations better. I would love to improve them and with your expertise that is possible. We are always available on our Discord support server.

How to use these localizations

When creating a new event notifier, or editing an existing one, you will now see a Settings tab which contains a new Language selection.

UI example showing how to select your Discord message language of choice

Once a new language has been selected, Chronicle Bot will begin posting all new channel messages utilizing the new locale.

Note that this does not translate your event title, description, etc. that are pulled from your external calendar, but rather the headings and messages generated by the bot itself. The video above shows a few example messages for a German event notifier.

Additional languages

This update also paves the way for additional languages to be supported. We've created a public repository of all the locales currently supported by Chronicle Bot. If you would like to help submit another language for inclusion, please take a look at the repository for instructions on how to submit a new messages file.

We hope you enjoy this new localization update and as always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to us on Discord, Mastodon, or Twitter.